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Kate Packs

Early literacy sets the stage for success in school and life. 61% of low income children have no books in their homes. Not only do they lack books in their home, they live in communities with fewer books in schools, classrooms, and library. Books play a significant role in developing a reading culture that persists throughout the generations. This promotes literacy that leads to lifelong academic and behavioral advantages.

Announcing Kids Activities To Empower- KATE packs

Our Little Free Library project is going strong but we want to do more. Four decades of research give convincing evidence that hearing stories read aloud and interactive discussions and activities play a significant role in early literacy leading to success in school and life. The introduction of Kate Packs (kids Activities to empower) include 2-3 books on a similar theme such as kindness, curiosity, friendship, and others. Along with the books the packs include a simple reading guide and supplies to offer ideas and activities on how to read and interact together. Examples could be puppets, story cubes, art supplies, craft projects and activities for discovering outside.

We have a dynamic volunteer literacy leadership team made up of pre-school parents, home schoolers, elementary teachers, curriculum specialists, and college professors who are creating, testing, reviewing and curating the packs.

Kate created themed units for her own children and chronicled them in a blog. In Kate’s own words, “the best way for pre-schoolers to learn is child-led, theme-based, and play-centered.”

We know she would be so excited about this project. Thank you for helping us make one of her dreams a reality.

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